Here Is How It Works:

  • ARBN is a non-partisan & non-denominational exclusive business membership club, for word-of-mouth referral networking.
  • One person per industry will be allowed to join, per Associate Club.
  • Meetings are well-organized and structured to ensure consistency.
  • Clubs meet every two weeks to, build solid business relationships, exchange qualified referrals and develop proficient networking skills.
  • Meetings are 90 minutes long; the first 30 minutes is for informal networking, and the next 60 minutes is for a formal networking meeting & meal.
  • A business card rolodex, is our toolbox that gets passed around to ensure you get everyone’s business cards.
  • Everyone does a 60-second “infomercial” to everyone present at the meeting.
  • Once a year you do a 10 minute presentation to the whole group.
  • Referral slips are passed around and we ask members to share at least one referral per meeting.
  • If you do not have one to give we ask you to meet with another member before the next meeting to learn more about them and their business.
  • Every six months clubs hold an organizational review where we want to know if you have gotten business from the group, and if you have not, we discuss  as a group what we can collectively do to ensure we get you the warm referrals you need to make this group a success for you.
  • There are new guests at almost every meeting, and we cap a group’s size at 25 – 30 members.  As demand dictates we will start new groups.
  • Make a list of who you need to do business with and have our members share their warm networks with you!

Periodically we will be presenting educational material on effective networking, public speaking, marketing with social media, sales, and a variety of business topics.

Twice a year we will hold mixer events featuring a special guest speaker that will deliver new, exciting, and relevant ideas that relate to our business success, and much, much more!


How much does it cost to join the ARBN?

  • Membership Annual Dues is $397/year CAD.
  • Meeting Dues are $25 every two weeks, for room fees & meal.
  • Fees are due even if you are unable to attend, but you are encouraged to send a guest in your place.