Our Story

The Alberta Referral Business Network (ARBN) was founded by Avril Bell, Charlene Fisher, and Dan Piercy, all residents of Sherwood Park, Alberta, experienced in the art of professional networking.  

Over the last several decades the three of us have attended copious amounts of networking events sponsored by various organizations. During that time we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly!  The bottom line is we have seen what works, and what doesn’t work.

In response, we have developed an organization that reflects our region’s values and local sensibilities.  Our focus is solely on networking to build all of our respective businesses.

We have created networking clubs that make people feel comfortable in engaging in word-of-mouth marketing. We want you to form strategic alliances within the group and reap the benefits of referring to each others’ warm markets.  It’s that simple.  


Founders Biographies

Avril Bell – Realtor

Avril Bell is a realtor with the YEGPro Realty.  Prior to that, she was a land investment consultant with Walton International Group, and later a Senior Account Manager with Walton Capital Management.  During her career with The Walton Group of Companies, Avril specialized in offering land, mortgage, bond and development private issuer investments. The common thread to all of this is understanding the value of client service and building long-term relationships. Networking and connecting with people has always filled Avril with great satisfaction.

Although born and raised in Saskatoon, Avril has a long history and deep roots in Sherwood Park where she lives with her husband and two teenage children. Her maturity and experience is invaluable, as she understands real estate from an investment perspective, as well as from the more practical family and lifestyle perspectives.  Avril lives and breathes that approach and that makes her a perfect fit for clients as well as, fellow networkers.

Avril’s resume includes graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a Commerce degree, majoring in Finance and General Business, and professional courses including Canadian Securities, Professional Financial Planning, Mortgage Agent and Exempt Market Securities, and Real Estate Fundamentals and Residential Real Estate.


Charlene Fisher – Business Marketing & Branding Strategist

Charlene Fisher is a Marketing & Branding Strategist and the CEO of My Trusted Referrals. Charlene is known for her ability to connect with others easily to develop lasting business relationships and for her marketing and sales skills.

She has won prestigious awards such as the Starfish, President Club, and earned 9 trips around the world for exemplifying superior leadership, dedication and high sales.

Charlene is an avid supporter and donator for many years to the Kiva Organization which helps people who want to start their own business with financial support.

Highlights of her work include: Creating winning sales and marketing strategies/ Designing highly effective marketing online and offline programs/Coaching, Mentoring and Motivating Entrepreneurs/ Speaking & Organizing Events/ Branding & Marketing Specialist, and has also wrote two Books, which are on Amazon.

On a personal note, Charlene has resided in the Sherwood Park area for over 35 years with her husband Ken. Their family consists of 4 grown children, their spouses and 9 precious little grandchildren.

Charlene’s motto is Believe In Your Dreams! They Were Given To You For a Reason & Live Life With No Regrets! Because In The End We Only Regret The Chances We Didn’t Take!



Dan Piercy- Mortgage Broker

Dan Piercy is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors. During his 33-year sales career, he worked with many major corporations and was consistently among the top 10% of performers.  He spent 14 years as a Major Accounts Executive with a Fortune 500 company, regularly achieving President’s Club status. 

Dan graduated from the University of Guelph with a Commerce degree and has resided in Sherwood Park for the past 27 years with his wife Alison. He has 2 adult children. 

Dan understands the trust his customer place in him when they refer him to friends, family and colleagues. Let’s face it: when we are seeking a service, we are looking for someone we can trust; someone who is proven and who comes highly recommended; someone who is already on our side. We want to recommend experienced people who will take care of our clients the same way we do, and we want to refer trustworthy associates who often become our friends.  Dan believes strongly that regular networking is vital for building relationships.  He knows that this system works when a referral is received by a past client, who was referred by a client, who was also referred by a past client. 

Dan believes in the importance of giving back to the community and volunteers for numerous organizations. He is one of the co-founders of the recent crowd-funding initiative “Fund It Forward” which provides financial assistance to not-for-profit organizations in the County of Strathcona. 

Dan is also a firm believer in educating young people in Financial Literacy. This is an important life skill that is very often not effectively taught.  Dan is accredited to deliver a program called “The Enriched Academy” which teaches young people these critical must have life skills.

Dan Piercy is experienced, trusted and interested in helping people achieve their financial goals.